People say that teaching is a calling.  I would say that you are inspired to teach.

I came to yoga about 25 years ago because of a hip injury. My doctor told me I needed variation in my exercise activity. At the time I was a fitness instructor teaching Reebok step classes and my hip was inflamed.

At one of my workplaces a yoga class was scheduled after my step classes. I had always liked the teacher, she seemed serene, relaxed and friendly. One day I decided to stay after class and take her class.  I was blown away by how much anatomy the teacher knew, by how she seemed to understand the sensations in my body as I moved, by how she anticipated my needs as we worked. I was hooked after just one class.

I couldn’t get enough of her teaching.  The way she encouraged us to use our bodies was both challenging and intriguing. Soon I found myself repeating her vocabulary, her stretches and her knowledge as I began to integrate little pockets of yoga into my own classes. I wanted to know more and so began my own yoga journey in earnest.

I have always been grateful for those first steps. I was lucky that I found such a great teacher to open my view of life and introduce me to a style of movement that would keep me inspired for a quarter century.

Ultimately, she was the seed from which Yoga Nook grew. The next step has been to pay my experience forward with a teacher training program designed to share with others the knowledge gained in 25 years of practice.

In the last 16 years Yoga Nook has graduated over 100 students. All teachers at Yoga Nook are graduated through our in-house program and if you are inspired by their words, their understanding of your needs and their journey then you too could become a teacher.

Attending the program doesn’t mean you have to teach; many people have attended for their own growth rather than to share the knowledge. But they have all enjoyed the journey, the exploration and the insight.

The next program begins on January 24th 2020. Call (805) 390-8175 and make an appointment for your interview today.

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