The Sacral Iliac (SI) joint and the Iliotibial (IT) band can both be troublesome areas of the body. In general, more women suffer from IT and SI joint issues than men. This is due to several factors among them hormonal changes and lack of stability.

How then to address such issues?

One of the key questions to ask is, what is causing discomfort in one or both of these areas in the first place?

Is there a functional pattern that you have become habituated to?

Do you tend to cross your legs when sitting either at the ankles or mid-thigh?

Do you walk with a narrow gait?

Do you drive a lot and what position are you sitting in when driving?

Do you play Golf or participate in other asymmetrical sports or activities?

In my experience students that come to me complaining of SI and IT discomfort have tight inner thigh muscles. Usually as I watch them walking, I can see that one leg tends to swing in a narrow or adducted pattern and the rhythmic movement of the pelvis while walking is not as functional as it could be.

Understanding how to move and then reestablishing the natural rhythm of the SI joint and the lumbar spine is part of the journey towards being pain free.

In my last post I asked for requests for video class topics and Jane came forward asking for this very subject. This latest post is a comfortable class that offers some education on the SI and IT band as well as a practice that would benefit anyone not just people with discomfort.

I filmed this latest video class on a recent trip to Oregon and took pleasure in teaching a workshop format as well as creating a short relaxation piece featuring a mixture of clips from Oregon set to gentle music.

Enjoy, send me more requests then we can keep all the video classes relevant to you, the students.

Stay safe and be well


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