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Every day I am grateful for my yoga practice but no more than lately as I gradually heal and recover from hip replacement surgery. So many people were shocked when I told them that I was scheduled for surgery. I think everyone thought that Yoga should have protected me from the surgeon’s knife. Little did they know that Yoga and somatic movement had been protecting me for years.

I have lived a very active life, fitness and physical activity has been a huge part of that and about 5 years ago I was training for a marathon when I tore some ligaments in my hip. From then on pain and discomfort would flare in my hip every couple of months. I’d back off teaching for a while and focus on my own practice, feel better, then come back to class.

Each time I experienced a setback, awareness and the Yoga techniques I employed helped muscles around my hip to provide stability. By October, 2018 the degeneration of the joint was just too advanced to recover any more.

In private AIM sessions I have seen many clients that were told they needed surgery but they were trying to avoid it.  This is understandable, no one wants an unnecessary surgery.  But once a physical issue begins to impact your life, despite your best efforts to carry on, then it’s time to embrace medical technology, have the surgery and get back to all the activities you have had to forgo.

Soon I will be back in class, teaching workshops and starting a new round of Teacher Training. My new hip is functioning well, and I intend a full and complete recovery.

Thank you for all your good wishes and support. See you in class soon.


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  1. mscaligyrl on January 11, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    Happy new year Jeni,
    I just found out about your surgery today. I pray you a speedy recovery.

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