Welcome to Yoga Takeout.  As Yoga instructors we often find that one of the biggest challenges people face in developing a yoga practice is making the time.  We hear a lot that people would love to do yoga, but simply can’t find the time between shuttling kids around, cooking meals, maintaining a home and working full time.  It was with these people in mind that we developed Yoga Takeout.  It is just like getting takeout for dinner, but with your yoga practice; instead of making time to come to us, we come to you.

Schedule your yoga class to take place on the sidelines of the soccer field during practicing, or maybe during lunch at the office with a few co-workers.  Try having a family yoga class to calm the kids down before homework hour so they can focus better, or have Yoga Takeout come to your weekly moms group play date;  Rotate which mom watches the kiddos while the other moms get their stretch on and the kids socialize.


Start your yoga practice today within the parameters of your schedule.